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We’re the only organisation to offer businesses a truly impartial, commission-free, energy switching service.

Not only is the average business paying commission on its energy, but the people selling it to them are far from impartial, often receiving large commissions and volume bonuses for contracts. 

The amount of money being made in commissions by many of the established comparison sites is obscene. This money is your money, it should be in your back pocket, not paying for some CEO’s second holiday home.

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The power companies don’t pay the commission for your energy switch, you do!

Its time to say NO to Energy Commission

How much commission do you think is fair for a comparison service to earn? £100? £150? £200? Commissions for even low energy consuming businesses can be several hundred pounds, while larger energy consumers such as care homes, hotels and restaurants can find literally thousands of pounds added on in hidden commission. It’s not unheard of for commission to account for 50% of a business user’s energy costs.

See how much cheaper business energy is, once you’ve taken the commission out.

Learn more about hidden commission in business energy contracts 

There’s no such thing as a free lunch In business

There’s only one reason the amount of commission you pay is not declared to you or is hidden in the small print. And that’s because, if you knew, you would never accept it.

The average business is paying over £1500 in energy commission.

  • The customer pay’s this commission, not the energy supplier.
  • It is added onto the businesses electricity & gas kWh rates.
  • Brokers often make a larger margin than the power companies.
  • Brokers/Comparison Sites are completely unregulated.
  • Its not unheard of for commission to account for 50% of energy costs.
  • Brokers/Comparison Sites are driving your prices up, not down.

Now you know why every man and his dog, from every corner of the world, is trying to sell you electricity and gas for “Free”!

You’re the Boss

We don’t receive a penny from power companies, our income comes from you, our customers. We work for you.

Real Energy People

By operating online, we keep our fee as low as possible. However, very experienced energy people are behind the screen. We know our stuff and we treat you like a paying customer, not just another commission.

Open and Transparent

We’ve got nothing to hide. Check our prices against everyone else’s, see for yourself how much commission is being loaded onto your price per kWh rates.

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