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  • Save £1,500 in commission and ££££’s in energy costs.
  • Guaranteed lowest business electricity and gas prices. 
  • Only £7.99 a month to join us. 
  • You’ll get our special rates from all energy suppliers. 
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Why Use Digital Energy Revolution to Switch?

Because we have one simple aim, to provide your business with a fair, transparent and cost effective way to find the cheapest energy tariffs.

The Problem

Comparison sites are adding high levels of commission to your energy. 

  • Comparison sites charge the average small business £1,500 in commission. 
  • Commission is added to your unit rates and hidden in the small print.  
  • Comparison sites work for who pay’s them, the power companies.
  • If you use a comparison site or Broker, you will pay more. 

The Solution

We offer you a way to find the best energy tariffs, without being stung by middlemen.

  • We don’t add commission ! Get the lowest, commission free energy prices. 
  • Use us and save £1,500 in commission and ££££’s in energy costs. 
  • We work for who pays us, you. 
  • Only £7.99 a month to join. 

How it Works


See your prices in under 30 seconds!

Start by clicking “Get A Quote”. Then pick the energy type , followed by the date you want to switch. Add your current monthly spend, or kWh usage if you know it. Enter the address of your business and pick your meter, then add your company type and your business name. Finally click "Show My Results".

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Compare the energy market yourself

Find your price and take your pick from our commission free electricity and gas tariffs. Our special rates save our members an average of £1,500 against other comparison sites and brokers and £1,000's in energy costs.

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Check and click, it's really that simple

Check your details, agree your contract and switch online in minutes. Our monthly membership fee of £7.99 is then collected by monthly direct debit, or you can choose to pay for the service with a one-off fee. It really is that easy!

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Our £7.99 monthly fee ensures we can keep providing you with our market leading service. Our fee covers the cost of running the site, processing your contract, and providing a high level of customer service.

For customers that do not wish to subscribe and spread the cost of our service, but still wish to benefit from our commission free tariffs. We provide the option to use our system for a one-off fee of £99 plus VAT per meter.

Real Reviews From Real People

Highly rated service with market-leading expertise already helping businesses in the UK save money on their energy bills.

Still Unsure?

Some of Our Frequently Asked Questions

Is it easy to switch my business energy provider?

With us, yes!

You can find your business the lowest rates on the market, guaranteed and start your switch in under 2 minutes.

Can I just switch my electricity or gas provider or do I have to do both?

You can switch individually or both at the same time.

Why should I switch my business energy provider?

Suppliers keep their best rates for new customers, gone are the days of rewarding loyal customers. Businesses need to switch, to find the lowest rates in the market.

What happens to my current contract, do I need to do anything with that?

Yes, you will need to contact your current supplier and inform them you are switching. It’s generally just a case of sending them an email.

Do I have to pay to switch my business energy provider?

Yes, you pay one way or the other. If your comparison site isn’t charging you a fee, then its hiding commission in your unit rates and that commission is anywhere between 1-3 pence per kWh.

Learn more about energy commission.

Peace of Mind

Fast, fair, transparent and a whole lot less risky than doing it yourself. We don’t receive a penny from power companies, our income comes from you, our customers. We work for you.

Real Energy People

By operating online, we keep our fee as low as possible. However very experienced energy people are behind the screen. We know our stuff and we treat you like a paying customer, not just another commission.

Open and Transparent

We’ve got nothing to hide. Check our prices against everyone else’s, see for yourself how much commission is being loaded onto your price per kWh rates.

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Be energy informed, your business depends on it.

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