Your business may be owed money due to previously mis-sold energy contracts

If you have used an energy broker to source your business energy needs in the last decade, you may be able to claim compensation.

  • Energy brokers have a legal obligation to disclose any commissions earned while arranging your contracts.
  • Many have made misleading statements or concealed their financial rewards from clients.
  • According to documents lodged with “The Energy Ombudsman”, there are over 2 million businesses entitled to apply for compensation.
  • Average claims are over £14,000, with some businesses claiming back £100,000’s in undeclared commission.

We’re here to make your energy claim as simple as possible.

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Energy Audits cut energy usage and waste by an average of 18%

A professional energy audit can lead to a significant reduction in energy usage and costs. With energy prices spiralling out of control and with no end in sight for at least the next decade. Reducing energy consumption and eliminating energy waste has become a financial necessity for all businesses.

Audits are to a BS EN 16247-2 standard and cover a wide range of technical building services, including:

  • Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning
  • Domestic hot water systems
  • Building structure, windows and roofs
  • Lighting
  • Renewables
  • Compressed Air
  • Building Energy Management Systems

The results of the audit can also be used when applying for an energy efficiency grant or sustainability funding for your business.

  • Identify solutions to stop energy wastage and reduce energy consumption.
  • Help your building obtain a better rating on your EPC or DEC
  • Assist with measurement and verification of energy savings grants and funding
  • Form part of a strategic energy efficiency program

    Specialist support when you need it

    Our team of energy professionals are on call to provide support, expertise and advice when you need it.

    • Over 50% of energy switches fail on the first attempt – We get you switched.
    • 80% of businesses have been overcharged for energy – Not on our watch.
    • Credit notes and rebills – We check them and make sure you’re not part of the 80%.
    • 4 million energy complaints a year – Our experts represent you and manage your complaint.

    Ongoing specialist support is offered for a monthly subscription of £19.99. 

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