How Your Business Can Deal With Sky High Energy Prices

by | Jun 1, 2022

How Your Business Can Deal With Sky High Energy Prices

Businesses are suffering from significant rises in the cost of power and gas – try these simple actions from comparison site Digital Energy Revolution to offset rising energy prices. Try these simple strategies to assist your business in dealing with skyrocketing energy prices.

Businesses, unlike homes, are not shielded by a consumer price cap and are subject to the full impact of sky-high energy costs. We examine why energy costs are rising and offer suggestions for how your company might mitigate the price increase.

Why is energy’s wholesale cost so high?

The following significant causes are causing wholesale energy prices to remain at record highs: 

– Declining renewable energy generation due to less windy weather

– The conflict in Ukraine is decreasing natural gas supplies to Europe 

– The UK’s reliance on imports as natural gas storage levels have declined

How to deal with the rising wholesale energy costs

Here’s how your company can deal with increased wholesale energy expenses.

Compare Commercial Energy Rates And Costs

  • Suppliers compete for new customers in the commercial energy industry, which is extremely competitive. By comparing the market, you can get the greatest offer for your company. If your energy contract is for 12 months or less, you can evaluate and obtain competitive rates for the future.
  • Making sure you pay the best available business gas and electricity rates will help you drastically lower your annual business energy expenditures.
  • Compare business gas and electricity prices instantly with Digital Energy Revolution’s business energy comparison tool.

Switch On Eco Mode

Using eco mode on various equipment and machinery around the office can significantly cut your energy use. Appliances may run a little slower in eco mode, but they will save a significant amount of energy. In an office setting, a dishwasher is a perfect illustration of this; it is used numerous times per day, and eco mode reduces energy use by 30%.

Use Timers

Install smart timers to dramatically cut your energy use. You can establish a time restriction for an appliance using smart timers. It’s pointless to leave a printer on standby in an empty office in the dead of night. These minor changes will have a huge cumulative effect on the overall cost of your company’s energy bill. 

Swap Your Lighting

When compared to conventional illumination, switching to LED lightbulbs can save you between 20 and 30%. Install larger windows to let natural light into your office during the day; this will help you save energy and give a better working environment for your employees.

Install A Smart Meter

Installing smart meters allows you to regulate your energy supply using cutting-edge technologies. The first advantage is that you will have precise bills with no projected consumption. Second, you may monitor your energy usage on a daily basis, allowing you to identify anomalies in your energy usage. You can then make changes quickly to resolve any issues.

We hope you found this post useful. Digital Energy Revolution aims to assist businesses in saving money on their commercial energy costs.

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