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We let the numbers do the talking.

The average business energy contract has over £1,500 in commission added, and you pay that, not the power companies.  

Don’t take our word for it, see below how our prices compare against our competitors, on a like for like basis.

Business lady comparing with computer and clipboard

Big name comparison sites – they all say they’ll get your business a great deal

However, the reality is, they’re making £Millions in hidden commission, they’re adding to your energy costs, not reducing them.

If your comparison site isn’t charging you a fee, then it’s adding commission to your unit rates and it’s a lot more than you think!

So how do the big names stack up against us?

kWh Rate Before Commission

kWh Rate  After Commission

Amount Of Commission Added To Your kWh Rates

What It Really Costs You To Switch

23 p/kWh

23 p/kWh

0 p/kWh


Big Brand Comparison Site1


24.5 p/kWh

1.5 p/kWh


Big Brand Comparison Site 2

23 p/kWh

25 p/kWh

 2 p/kWh


Big Brand Comparison Site 3

23 p/kWh

25.5 p/kWh

2.5 p/kWh


Example in table of low energy consuming business consuming 35,000 kWh per year, agreeing a 3 year contract.

Peace of Mind

Fast, fair, transparent and a whole lot less risky than doing it yourself.

You’re in Control

No more hidden commission, loaded into your unit rates. No more hard sell, we’re here when you need us.

One Price

However big your spend. It’s £119, all in. All backed by our best price, money back guarantee.

SME Climate hub and Good Business Charter

For further information on how the UK energy markets work - Ofgem - the energy regulator for Great Britain

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